Important Mother’s Day Announcement


For a limited time we are offering very special pricing just in time for Mother’s Day. But before we get in to that, we want to tell you about our Mother’s Day Giveaway!

All you need to do to enter the giveaway is visit our Registration Page. If you have already completed this short survey for one of our past giveaways, there is no need to register again. Once you register you will be included in all future monthly giveaways.

So, What is our giveaway this month, you ask? Our Grand Prize is 6 months of FREE compost service! ($120 value) We will have smaller prizes as well.

BOGO Special

Now, let’s get back to those Mother’s Day Specials. This is a great time to try out our services to see if they are right for you. Our first special is BOGO. When you purchase one month of compost service for a special mom in your life, you’ll receive an additional month for FREE! You choose how to use your free month: You can keep it for yourself, gift it to someone else or give it to mom so that she has two months of service.

What Does a Month of Service Consist of?

Every person that requests service will receive a starter kit which includes your very own 5 gallon bucket to begin collecting compostable items, along with instructions on how to get started. You simply fill it up with your compost items and then place on your front porch on your designated pickup date. We pick up your bin and replace it with a clean, sanitized bin every week.

After we pick up your compost scraps, we weigh them and place the scraps in one of our active piles where we monitor and rotate it until it finishes breaking down. Once it has finished composting, it is moved to an area to cure for 2 weeks before it is ready to be distributed to our customers. We provide each customer with a free bucket of compost every Spring and every Fall. (must be a customer for 3 months to be eligible for your first batch of finished compost)

So you get to celebrate Mom and Mother Earth this year by doing something to protect the planet for future generations. That’s something you AND your Mom will feel good about!

Let’s Sweeten The Deal

We have a second option available for all the big spenders! Instead of getting just one month of service for mom, how about enrolling her for 6 months of service for only $100. That’s like getting a month of service for free. PLUS, we’re still giving you another month for free to use for yourself or gift to someone else. And your mom will automatically receive a fresh bucket of finished compost this fall.

Oh and did we mention each 6 month package comes with flowers delivered with the starter kit?

If you are interested in either of these Mother’s Day Specials, simply complete our Service Request form. Be sure to specify in the comments who the gift is for and which package you would like. Payment is not due at this time. After we receive your request we will contact you to make delivery and payment arrangements.

Remember to also complete the registration section so you are entered to win one of our Mother’s Day Giveaways!

REMEMBER: Head on over to our social media pages because every Comment, Like, Share or Tag earns you another chance at the giveaway! Tag your friends on our Mother’s Day post for even more bonus entries.

Finished Compost

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