Our Journey

About Art & Shala

We are Art & Shala. What began as a solo journey for Shala, has now become a shared passion for the two of us. We believe the Lord has been writing a beautiful story through our lives and had us on a parallel path to the same destination. We have both been through a lot in our lives and we know we’ve been called to share our story. We hope to inspire others as we share what God is doing.

About Second Mile

We chose the name Second Mile for multiple reasons. For both of us, this IS the second mile (or second chapter) in our journey called life. We also believe in sustainability and reusing our resources. Not being so quick to waste things. We like to repurpose items around the house, giving those things a second life (or second mile). And finally, we believe in going the second mile for others. As Matthew 5:41 says, “If anyone forces you to go one mile, go with them two miles.”

What to Expect

As we mentioned, we have a passion for reusing & repurposing items around the house. On this website we will be sharing all kinds of Home & Garden projects to save you money, as well as product reviews and even updates as we approach the date of our wedding. Which has yet to be set! In the future we plan to buy land and build our dream homestead. On an extreme BUDGET, of course! We plan to bring you along for all of it.

We know God has big things in store and he brought us together for a purpose. We are following where he leads. We hope you will join us on this journey.

potting plant


Our natural resources are in danger. We can turn a blind-eye as so many do, or we can recognize that we need to make a change. We want this planet to still be livable for our Grandchildren’s Children, and all future generations after them. If you are concerned about the Earth and want to leave a better place for your future lineage, We ask you to join us in this mission.