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Hey there friend, I’m going to show you how to make your very own organic soil mix that will save you more money than a store bought mix. It only uses 3 simple ingredients. All 3 items are available at multiple locations but I choose to purchase my products at The Home Depot because they have the best price on all 3 items. This is not an affiliate post. We don’t have an affiliate relationship with Home Depot. I purchase from them because they are better priced than the competitors. However, I have linked to the products on the Home Depot website, for your convenience.

Products We Use

Our Recipe

Premier Peat Moss (3 cu. ft. COMPRESSED)1 bag = 6 Cu.Ft.18.97
Timberline Compost (40 lb/ .75 cu.ft. bag)4 bags = 3 Cu.Ft.11.88
Vigoro Perlite (2 cu.ft. bag)1/2 bag = 1 Cu.Ft.8.99
Total Mix =10 Cubic Feet39.84

Compare our DIY mix to a brand such as Kellogg’s Soil Mix. You would need 5 bags to create the same amount of soil.

We created the video below to show you exactly how to quickly prepare this soil mix. Be sure to watch this and let us know what other videos you’d like to see in the future.

YouTube player
Watch this video to see exactly how we make our soil mix.

Let us know where you are in your garden journey. Are you new to gardening? Are you strictly organic? We would love to hear from you and know more about you so we can learn how we can help you with future content! Thank you so much for being here!!

Remember to go the SECOND MILE today. For others AND with your resources! God bless you!

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