Earth Day 2021 – Giveaway Announcement


If you’ve been following us for any amount of time, you know how much we LOVE to give things away. Especially if it helps promote composting, sustainable living or growing your own food. If we can teach and encourage more people to join us on this mission, then we’ll happily give away the farm! (cheesy pun intended)

With that said, we were super excited to give away TEN great prizes to celebrate Earth Day 2021! Below is a list of our prize winners. Read to the bottom to find out how you can be our next big winner!

Free Month of Compost Service

These 5 individuals won a free month of compost service during the month of May! We provide each household with their very own compost bucket and directions to get started. Once a week they leave their used bin on their front porch and we come pick it up and drop off a clean, sanitized bin to use for the following week. We then take the scraps they collected each week and we add them to one of our active compost piles/bins. This allows busy customers to feel good about saving those items from going to the landfill, but yet it saves them time and effort because we build the pile, monitor and rotate it. And anyone who is a customer for a minimum of 3 months will receive their very own bin of finished compost in the fall!

Sherie Cochran – Owasso, OK
Chris Turner – Collinsville, OK
Jamie McCotter – Sperry, OK
Brandi Tomco – Owasso, OK
Abby Hensley – Owasso, OK

Free Pepper Seedlings

These 3 individuals won their choice of pepper seedlings. We have several varieties to choose from and each winner will receive 2 plants of their choosing. The pepper plants need to get just a bit larger since a couple of them need to be shipped to their new owners. Hopefully they’ll share some pictures with us during the growing season!

Alyssa Reece – Jones, OK
Julaine Pearson – Hartford, AR
Emi Noell – Owasso, OK

Free Cantaloupe Plant

Our final two winners each get to take home a cantaloupe plant! I’m hoping they will also share pictures with us throughout the season. It sure will be fun to see how each of these plants are growing in their new homes.

Christina Mitchell – Skiatook, OK
Becky Martins – Claremore, OK

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