Exciting News for 2023

Happy Independence Day! We have some very exciting (and scary) news to share. Garden of Eden Composting will be changing it’s name to Second Mile.

As you may know, we went through some growing pains in 2021 as we started receiving more compostable items than we had space for. During that time we had to begin re-evaluating how to process our compost, due to lack of space. And then our number one employee, Aidan graduated from High School in May 2022 and prepared to leave for college.

Our composting business has been on hold since that time, as we tried to juggle MANY different changes in our household and family dynamics. As we prepared for Aidan to leave for college, Shala’s oldest son RJ (along with his toddler son, little Ronnie) came home after 6 years in the Air Force.

Shortly after moving back to Oklahoma, RJ & little Ronnie left for North Carolina.

August 2022 we helped Aidan move in to his dorm at OSU.

On October 30, 2022 Shala became engaged to Art Paden of Muskogee.

Since that time, Art and Shala have been planning, preparing and praying for God’s will over their lives. They both feel they have been called to something great and they know they are supposed to share their story with the world.

Second Mile is their step of faith to go where God is calling them. For Art and Shala, this feels like the “second mile” in their journey called life. It’s the second act or second chapter in the book God is writing in their lives. They also both believe in being good stewards of their resources. They like to repurpose and reuse items that many others might throw away. It’s like extending those items for a second mile. The same is true with compost. By utilizing food scraps and yard waste, they can create wonderful nutrients for their garden, which gives all of that garbage a second life, or “second mile”.

Together they hope to inspire a legacy of going the second mile for others. As Matthew 5:41 says, “If anyone forces you to go one mile, go with them two miles.”

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