Kitchen Cabinet/ Storage


And this was before we knocked out that wall on the right
and created a bar overlooking the living room.
We love the wood beams that now bring the spaces together!

Not Complete

Even after putting in our brick wall and finishing out the dining area in the kitchen, this area never really felt complete to me. I really disliked the hutch I had purchased on MarketPlace. It just did really go with the theme and it made the corner feel very dark and heavy. I knew I needed something different to lighten it up.

I thought about eliminating the hutch completely but I knew I needed the storage it provided. We had eliminated two large upper cabinets when we took down the wall separating the kitchen and living room. We added the hutch to make up just a bit of that storage.

One day I was watching the Flat Top King on YouTube (you should seriously check out his channel if you like FOOD!) He mentioned this Harbor Freight Tool Bench that he uses for his grill cart. That’s when I realized that cart was exactly what I had been looking for.

Finally On Sale

We went and got the cart that very weekend. Art put it together for me while I was figuring out how I wanted to do my open shelving up above. I think it turned out so wonderful and now my kitchen is almost back to being my happy place! Well, next to the garden that is! (we still have a few loose ends to finish up before the kitchen renovation is completely complete)

The Video We Posted During The Sale

July 26 – We have added a NEW update to our kitchen. We still aren’t done in here but it gets a little better each week. Here is our latest update over on YouTube.

YouTube player

We have a lot more we’ll be sharing of the kitchen renovation. We’ll be breaking it down one section at a time. Be sure to follow us on YouTube or Subscribe to the blog so you never miss an update.

What do you think of the tool cart? How would you use this cart? We really want to get a couple more. We could always use more tool carts in the garage but we also want to add one to the back patio to use for a grill cart to go next to the Blackstone. (If it would EVER stop raining that is!)

As I’ve been typing this article, there is a severe thunderstorm happening. This alert just came through in the past hour:

As always, we look forward to hearing your thoughts. Let me know what part of the kitchen renovation you would like to learn about next?

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