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I’m so excited to share this part of our Kitchen Remodel with everyone.  I haven’t even finished revealing the rest of the renovation but I wanted to get this one out ASAP because this particular piece is currently on sale for as low as I have seen it in the past 6 months.  

First let me tell you that I originally had this hutch in my eating area, to create some additional storage space to make up for the 2 upper cabinets we removed to open up the wall last year.  I was never satisfied with this.  It was just too dark with the brick wall and the wood table.  

This is the area where we removed 2 large cabinets that were housing a TON of food and spices. I’ll share in a future post, to show exactly how we implemented more storage for the kitchen.

One day I was watching the Flat Top King (on YouTube) and he mentioned this Harbor Freight cabinet and said he uses it for his grill cart on his back patio. I immediately looked it up and saw it was $379.99, so I started envisioning this along with some open shelving up above. And I immediately began saving up to make it happen.

Obviously there is still a lot of work to do,
but we’re getting there.

I am also a part of the Harbor Freight text list so that I am notified when there is a sale. Around the 4th of July, I can’t remember what the sale was but ultimately, it brought this item down to $340. OR if you are a Harbor Freight Member, it is $299. We need to renew our membership though so we kept thinking, we could definitely do that and add on the $29 membership fee. So we knew if we went that route it would be $330.

But last week I got this text below.  When I saw the cart was now available for $279, I was shocked but SOOO excited!  Art and I went and picked it up this weekend.  I couldn’t wait to share the details so I can help others take advantage of this awesome discount!  Honestly, I wish I could go get one more for the back patio.  (Not to mention one for the garage!) 

Here is a link to the Harbor Freight Website, where this cart is listed. You can get it in Black, Red or Blue. This is not an affiliate link and they are not sponsoring this content. I just love Harbor Freight and appreciate their great prices so I wanted to share this great deal with everyone. Just in case you need it, be sure to note the coupon code is 76065415

Please comment below to let us know what you think of the Kitchen Reno so far.

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The image on the left is from 2022. The hutch on the left never seemed right for the space.
The image on the right shows our new kitchen cart with open shelving above.

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