Top Composting Household for July

It was a very close call for the month of July but in the final week of the month, the Hensley household pulled ahead with a total of 21 lbs of composted waste!

Since the Hensley’s have started composting with us, they have deterred 63 lbs of waste from going to a landfill and contributing to climate change & global warming through dangerous methane gas caused by the anaerobic environment of such dump sites.

By composting all those food scraps, they have instead given back to nature, returning nutrients to the soil, taking care of this planet the way God intended.  

To put it in to perspective, 63 lbs is the equivalent of 126 Medium Sized Avocados!

Way to go Hensley family! We love serving you and we are thrilled you have joined us to make a difference in the community and on this earth we all call home! Thank you for being a great example of how to think sustainably!

The Hensley family has also earned their very first bucket of completed compost! We can’t wait to hear how they use it.

If you want your family to become more sustainable, please reach out so we can help! And if you think you can defeat the Hensley family in the sustainability challenge, let us know! We award the top household each month based on pounds of waste composted.

Comment below if you would like to know more about how to challenge the Hensley’s.

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