2 New Ways to Win Each Month


We are so thankful to all of our followers who have come alongside us to promote our mission of teaching more people how and why to compost.

Because of your support on our social media pages, more people are starting to notice and the conversation about sustainability is increasing. Our #1 goal is to awaken more people to the effects our society has had on this planet and to encourage everyone to begin taking small steps to make a difference. 

We want to show some love to the biggest supporters of our mission. We’ve come up with two great ways we can give back to those that are helping us grow. Plus, we just like giving gifts so its another opportunity for us to give you some fun prizes! Things like seed packets, gardening supplies, seedlings, flowers, citronella candles and more.

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As you know, we are required to weigh and track the contents of all the compost buckets we process. We love seeing how our customers start getting the hang of it after a week or two. We see the variety of compostable goods increasing in your buckets over time and that is so exciting to us because it means you are learning and you are getting in to a great habit that you will hopefully continue for a very long time because you are making a difference in the environment. You are protecting this earth for our future generations. Your future generations. 

Beginning at the end of May 2021 will begin announcing our “Top Composter of the Month”. The household that we have collected the greatest pounds of waste from will automatically be crowned our Top Composter! You will have bragging rights on all of our social media pages and of course, it will also come with a special prize. More details about that coming soon. (check our website or keep an eye on your email)

So, who is in the lead for the month of May? Currently the Hensley Household of Owasso is leading the way! They have already collected nearly 14 lbs of waste this month. Way to go Hensley Family!! You are making a HUGE impact. We can’t wait to reward you with your very own black gold (compost) this fall!


You probably know the Facebook algorithm automatically tracks activity on a Facebook business page. It awards a “badge” to the top fan of a page. At the beginning of June we will start recognizing our top fan each month and giving an awesome prize to that person. 

It’s super easy to become a top fan. First you’ll want to make sure you have liked our page and that you are “following” us. If you are liking, commenting and sharing our posts, Facebook will notice and you’ll earn that top fan badge in no time!

It’s not too late to catch up! The great thing is these contests start fresh each month.

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