Mother’s Day Winners Announced

In honor of Mother’s Day we gave away 5 prizes to registrants on our website. It took some time but we have finally contacted each of the winners! Here they are:

6 Months of Free Compost Service

Includes delivery of a compost starter kit, instructions to get started and weekly pickup service for 24 weeks. Plus, delivery of finished compost after 3 months.

And the Winner Is…

Tish Busking

Runner-Up Prize

We also gave away ONE month of free compost service to 4 other registrants.

Congratulations To…

Emi Noell, Becky Martins, Christina Mitchell, Abby Hensley

If you’ve been wanting to compost but haven’t had the time or space, we are here to help. We do all the dirty work for you and in the end, we deliver you a batch of your very own finished compost for your gardening needs.

Our monthly fee is only $20 but if you would like to try us out for free, this is the time!

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